"Getting to Grips with HPHT" - Upstream Technology

Published by Upstream Technology 12th February 2015 - www.upstreamonline.com

As Aberdeen-based Plexus Holdings readies a subsea application of its friction grip and metal-to-metal HG seal technology for market, its chief executive Ben van Bilderbeek talks to Russell McCulley about the challenges of HPHT and the advantages to the seabed.

Ben van Bilderbeek knew he was taking on some formidable competitors when Plexus introduced its patented POSGRIP engineering technology in the late 1990s. The surface exploration wellhead systems market was, and remains, dominated by conventional wellhead technology, which uses force from inside casings to form seals and lock down casing hangers. POS-GRIP, on the other hand, uses hydraulic clamps to apply a squeezing force from the outside of the wellhead, forming a metal-to-meal seal with tubing and components.

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