The Real Seal - European Oil and Gas

Published in European Oil and Gas Magazine - June 2014

Plexus Holdings plc is a company founded on innovation, challenging the market to change the future of wellhead safety and operating standards. In 1997 it secured a patent surrounding its pioneering friction-grip method of engineering, POS-GRIP®. The innovative method provides a unique and patented method of gripping and sealing casing in a wellhead which is safer and quicker to install than existing conventional wellhead technologies, and which results in significant time savings and therefore cost reduction.

In a recent interview, CEO Ben van Bilderbeek and finance director Graham Stevens revealed the subsequent work undertaken towards further developing the POS-GRIP method of engineering, and extending its range of applications, particularly for subsea fields. “There are particular scientific principles that must be adhered to in the provision of metal-to-metal sealing, necessary on subsea wellheads.

“When drilling on land, the wellhead is easily accessible, but in the deepwater climate of today’s subsea drilling activities, which can be located 12,000 feet beneath the surface such access is simply not possible. The seal is key to the integrity of the well and must prevent pressure from the smaller diameter high-pressure pipes from reaching the larger pipes, which have a lower pressure containment rating”

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