"Tightening the Grip" - Energy Oil and Gas

Published in Energy Oil and Gas - June 2015

Wih its POS-GRIP ® friction method of engineering, Plexus Holdings plc is known for challenging the wellhead market through the delivery of ground breaking equipment that significantly enhances safety and minimises costs through time savings and operational efficiencies. Designed, developed and commercialised by founder and CEO Ben van Bilderbeek, the proprietary POS-GRIP friction grip method of engineering was first patented in 1997 and has since allowed Plexus to become a major force in the North Sea oil and gas industry with an ever expanding global presence.

Today the company continues to operate throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. Key to the success of Plexus and POS-GRIP is the technology’s ability to deliver instant casing hanger lock down and a true metal to metal seal based on real and verifiable science employing Hertzian Contact Stress principals that can withstand movement and which delivers a large seal contact area. Such features are uniquely beneficial for HPHT and corrosive drilling conditions, and allow wellheads for the first time to be tested to the same standards as premium casing couplings. 

Not only is POS-GRIP the market leader within the general jack-up exploration drilling wellhead market with a near 100 per cent market share in the North Sea, but it is now proving crucial for clients drilling in more extreme and unconventional environments. With over 40 years of industry experience Ben van Bilderbeek and the company’s directors believe that through the application of POSGRIP technology in wellhead systems, their clients are able to access significant advantages over conventional wellhead design solutions. Depending on the application of the technology, these can include enhanced safety; larger metalto- metal surface areas; the virtual elimination of movement between sealing parts; fewer components; simplified design and assembly; enhanced corrosion resistance; simple manufacture; reduced installation cost; lower unit cost and increased reliability, all of which can be achieved ‘through the BOP’.

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