Our Technologies Division is the research and development arm of Plexus and, as such, assists in the design of new products as well as managing their development and testing.

From finite element analysis (FEA) to physical testing of components, Technologies designs and tests new products in compliance with, or in excess of, industry standards for release to the marketplace through the appropriate division.

As POS-GRIP® technology has continued to be developed, the range of potential applications has become apparent and our Technologies Division is developing and looking to develop upon that potential.

The Technologies division of Plexus works toward bespoke design concepts required by our clients and also looks at developing and improving designs and applications currently being utilised in the Oil and Gas Sector. The aim within Technologies is to design and test new products to current industry stands and beyond, therefore allowing Plexus equipment to achieve a greater potential.

To discuss our technologies further please Contact a member of our Sales or Engineering Teams

API Compliant and Beyond : Our goal is to develop POS-GRIPĀ® technology as the industry standard for wellhead design.